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Sunshine Coast Forklift Training Services

Sunshine Coast Forklift Training ServicesAptlee Training Services is the premier training organisation based in the Southeast Queensland region. They offer amazing training in a huge array of areas but have become synonymous with their Sunshine Coast Forklift training services.

The skills you will come away with during your course are assessed in conjunction with RTO ITQ 30477. They are all part of the unit and qualification of “Operate a Forklift Truck TLILIC2001A (LF)”. This unit includes all of the things that you need to safely and effectively use the forklift. No matter load size or load structure, you will be confident and ready to move it. And know how and where it needs to go. The Sunshine Coast forklift training services provided by Aptlee are second to none.

Formal and Informal Training and Assessment:

You will have both formal and informal training on offer. The end of course assessments will be carried out by the trainers you have worked with in the state-of-the-art training grounds. These training grounds are located in the warehouse, previously mentioned. Once completed and you are deemed competent, your trainer/assessor will provide you with a copy of your AS1 form. Your Statement of Attainment will be sent to you ASAP.

Our Training Includes:

  • Identifying Potential Workplace Hazards
  • Forklift post-operational routine checklist
  • Prevention of unauthorised access/use of Forklift
  • Response according to procedure during unplanned or unsafe situations
  • Identifying Hazard control measure and making sure they are at appropriate standards
  • Identifying and Controlling the Forklift Correctly
  • Assessing Load weight and complying with Forklift Truck data plate specifications
  • Safety for personnel during Load Movement
  • Ability to Inspect working area and navigate appropriate path of movement whilst operating the forklift
  • Communication methods whilst operating the forklift
  • Checking for damage or defects to the Forklift
  • Identifying a Load Structural Integrity
  • Parking and Shutting Down Forklift to avoid any hazards

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