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A Scissor Lift Training Course With A Difference

Scissor Lift Training CourseWorking on an Elevated Platform is extremely dangerous. It has been restricted to only those who hold Yellow cards. This means without one you are relegated to the ground. However, Aptlee Training Services is looking to change that for you. If you enroll in their Scissor Lift Training Course, you get more than just skils. They build your confidence to operate a Scissor Lift but the license to as well.

With any training course, you need the right units being covered, the right trainer and the right equipment. Aptlee Training Services has amazing trainers and the right equipment to give you the practical experience you need to build up your skills. Aptlee Training Services also has almost every possible unit of competency available from the mining and construction industries. The units give out from Aptlee are worth the paper they are on. They will cover everything you need in your unit whilst making sure you are getting skills in the process.

Securing your ideal construction or mining job does require the right qualifications and licenses. If you complete your scissor lift training course, you may have job opportunities. These are in the logistics, mining, transport, storage, warehouse and construction industries. All of these jobs are great paying and open for great skill sets. Aptlee Training Services wants to get you a job you love with one of their courses.

How Do I Get My Yellow Card For The Scissor Lift?

Once you have covered all the topics and completed both your theory and practical assessments, you get your certificate. Aptlee Training Services awards you with your unit of competency. With this qualification, you are now eligible for your very own Yellow card. This yellow card is recognised around Australia. So you have 6 states and 2 territories worth of job opportunities that await you.

Why not take the first step and enrol in a course today. Contact Aptlee Training Services for more information and to book your spot for the next course.