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Forklift Licensing Made Easy

Whether you are in a role that requires you to coordinate forklift licensing for staff, or you’re looking for a training solution for yourself, you’ve come to the right place. Aptlee Training Services caters to the needs of our customers by customising training, times, and price to suit skill levels, availability, and the number of participants.

When you are making an investment in your training, you want it to be valuable, and prepare you correctly for a return on your investment. This comes from ensuring your training is planned, customised and delivered to suit your requirements, as well as being professionally recognised.

Professional Forklift Licensing Courses

While it goes without saying that the correct forklift licence training is essential, it still needs to be said because there are operators in this industry that are putting dollars before people.  

At Aptlee Training Services our forklift license courses are conducted in association with A.S.P RTO 31198.

We are also qualified to assess Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) – which is available for the practical component. To know if you qualify for RPL when it comes to forklift licensing or any of our other Heavy Machinery Training, simply Contact Us online.

Forklift Licensing for Safety and Savings

Receiving the correct and professional training means avoiding:

potential risk of injury to staff

damage to stock and property; and

cost of repairs and loss of productivity

Which is potentially why forklift licence training courses are one of the most popular courses we offer.

forklift licensing

Forklift Licensing that Trains what you need to learn most

Aptlee Training Services’ forklift courses focus on delivering the theory and practical knowledge and skills needed in the live environment.

Focussing on all areas of competent and safe forklift handling, training includes:

♦  safety checks

♦  general forklift operation

♦  weight distribution

♦  load shifting

♦  equipment storage

♦  and more…

forklift licensing


Competitively priced and designed to cater to all skill levels throughout Brisbane and Queensland, we offer 1-on-1 and group training.

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