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Forklift Training in Brisbane

Forklifts, due to their presence in many workplaces, insurance implications and legal licencing requirements, learning to operate a forklift is one of the most sought after machinery training courses. It’s also one of the most dangerous pieces of machinery, usually as a result of unskilled or unlicensed operators assuming that the same as driving a car.

Forklift Training Brisbane

Forklift Training Brisbane & Beyond

With both beginners and advanced forklift training courses available,  we offer the convenience of either on-site forklift training anywhere throughout Queensland or forklift training out our north Brisbane training facility.

Forklift training is available to individuals and to groups. For companies requiring training for multiple employees, we offer competitive group discounts.

We have an enviable pass-rate with a focus on how to plan and prepare safety checks as well how to operate a forklift truck. Units cover; load-shifting loads, securing the equipment post-operation as well as workplace health safety requirements.

As part of your forklift training, we’ll prepare you with:

The correct training plan and Log-Books, required theoretical Health and Safety training, hazard identification and prevention knowledge, knowledge-based assessment information plus actual practical.

Quality Forklift Training Brisbane

Your choice of on-site or at-our-depot training plus the number of employees will determine your final price. To discuss your forklift training requirements, please contact Aptlee Training Services via our Contact Us page.

Forklift Training Course Prices

Beginners Forklift Training Course

Affordable per person weekday and weekend rates available.
NIGHT COURSES also available at a very reasonable per head rate

Discounts for Group Training Bookings 4 or more

Accelerated Forklift Training Course 

We offer per person weekday, weekend and
night course options for experience operators

Discounts for Group Training for bookings 4 or more