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Forklift Training Courses

Due to the prevalence for forklifts in the workplace plus the variety of environments they are used in, forklift training courses is an extremely popular machinery training course. Forklifts are also one of the most dangerous pieces of machinery due to confined work spaces, overloading and the frequent operation by unlicensed drivers. 

Forklift Training Courses

At Aptlee Training Services, we offer competitive forklift training rates on both beginners and accelerated training course throughout Brisbane and anywhere throughout Queensland.

Training courses are available as one-on-one or as a group training course. We also offer group discounts. We focus on how to plan for and prepare, pre-operational checks in addition to how to operate a forklift including, load shifting.

As part of any forklift training course, our students finish with:

The correct training plan and Log-Books

The required theoretical Health and Safety training

The right information for your knowledge-based course assessments

The practical training to complete required logbook hours

The right hazard identification and prevention knowledge

We also have a high pass-rate for both beginners and advanced students.

Quality Forklift Training Courses

The location of your training and number of staff determines the final cost.
For a quote, please contact Aptlee Training Services to discuss your requirements.