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Forklift Training Course


Operate a Forklift TLILIC2001 (LF)


AptLee Training carries out Forklift Training Course in order to complete all requirements to obtain “Operate a Forklift TLILIC2001 (LF). ” and allow you get you qualifications faster.


Formal and Informal Training and Assessment:

We conduct formal and informal assessment and training which is delivered in our warehouse by our fully qualified Trainers and Assessors.

This course is competency based and trains you in the theory, the practical all the way to your assessment. Once your trainer/assessor has deemed you are competent, you’ll be given with a copy of your AS1 form, and your Statement Of Attainment will be sent to you via the mail at a later date

Our Training Includes:

  • Identifying and Controlling the Forklift Correctly
  • Assessing Load weight and complying with Forklift Truck data plate specifications
  • Safety for personnel during Load Movement
  • Identifying a Load Structural Integrity
  • Parking and Shutting Down Forklift to avoid any hazards
  • Forklift post-operational routine checklist
  • Prevention of unauthorised access/use of Forklift
  • Response according to procedure during unplanned or unsafe situations
  • Identifying Potential Workplace Hazards
  • Identifying Hazard control measure and making sure they are at appropriate standards
  • Ability to Inspect working area and navigate appropriate path of movement whilst operating the forklift
  • Communication methods whilst operating the forklift
  • Checking for damage or defects to the Forklift