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Forklift Licence Course

With the forklift licence course offered by Aptlee Training Services, you receive the accreditation of “Operate A Forklift TLILIC2001 (LF)”. This is the necessary unit that will get you your yellow card successfully. Aptlee Training Services work in conjunction with RTO A.S.P 31198 who rewards you with this qualification after you complete the course. This business relationship also means that you will get these qualifications faster.

What Does a Forklift Licence Course Cover?

Forklift Licence CourseThe “Operate A Forklift TLILIC2001 (LF)” unit covers a range of different skills in the use and driving of a Forklift. You will receive training in how to control a forklift in a variety of situations. Your training includes assessing load weight, working within the forklifts capabilities whilst keeping yourself and others safe. Aptlee Training Services will help you identify a load’s structural integrity which will help you move the load safely and in one piece.

Parking and shutting down the forklift whilst avoiding hazards is a massive part of your training also. You will learn how to identify potential hazards or obstacles. All this whilst working in real-life conditions so you know how to respond to different situations.

You will also learn great communication methods to use in your working environment whilst in the forklift. You will gain the ability to identify, control and manoeuvre an appropriate path that is safe and time-effective. Finally, you will be given a checklist and the skill to identify any part of the forklift that needs repair, maintenance or replacement.

Aptlee’s Training and Assessment

Aptlee Training Services provides both formal and informal assessment and training. Only the best trainers and assessors train you in Aptlee’s warehouse . This course is competency based and trains you in the theory and practical to give you the skills you need for on-the job.

Do yourself a favour and talk to one of the Aptlee Training Services staff today and get ready to be the go-to forklift driver for your company.