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Forklift Training Course

Brisbane North Forklift Training Course

Operate a Forklift TLILIC2001 (LF)


Aptlee Training carries out Forklift Training Course in order to complete all requirements to obtain “Operate a Forklift TLILIC2001 (LF)” and allows you to get a qualification faster.


Formal and Informal Training and Assessment:

We conduct a formal and informal assessment and training which is delivered in our warehouse by our fully qualified Trainers and Assessors.

This course is competency-based and trains you in the theory, the practical all the way to your assessment. Once your trainer/assessor has deemed you are competent, you’ll be given a copy of your AS1 form, and your Statement Of Attainment will be sent to you via the mail at a later date

Our Training Includes:

  • Identifying and Controlling the Forklift Correctly
  • Assessing Load weight and complying with Forklift Truck data plate specifications
  • Safety for personnel during Load Movement
  • Identifying a Load Structural Integrity
  • Parking and Shutting Down Forklift to avoid any hazards
  • Forklift post-operational routine check-list
  • Prevention of unauthorised access/use of Forklift
  • Response according to procedure during unplanned or unsafe situations
  • Identifying Potential Workplace Hazards
  • Identifying Hazard control measure and making sure they are at appropriate standards
  • Ability to Inspect working area and navigate appropriate path of movement whilst operating the forklift
  • Communication methods whilst operating the forklift
  • Checking for damage or defects to the Forklift


A Trainee’s Employer must not train the trainee to perform work in a prescribed occupation unless the Employer has prepared a Training Plan And Logbook with a Registered Training organisation. (RTO)

Penalties may apply if you have no WH&S forklift Licence or Training Plan & Logbook for Your Forklift;

You may not be covered by INSURANCE.

In Association with RTO A.S.P 31198

Discounts for Group bookings